The Best of 2016

2016 was a pretty big year for me.

I passed my driving test, moved out of my parents house to then move in with my boyfriend, and moved to Bristol while doing so!

It wasn’t the busiest year in terms of doing things and being places, but I learnt a lot about myself last year and am hoping I can bring it all forward with me this year.

The things I did get up to include …

I went to Cardiff for the first time. Originally it was for a music festival, but once I had seen Craig David on the first day, we decided that exploring Cardiff the next few days would be much more fun!


 I went to Slimbridge for the first time too, birds everywhere! It was the first place I really went and drove too after moving down to Bristol and was a great photography opportunity!

I set my sister up with a blog, although she chingwag on hers as much as I do on mine, she’s slowly getting there šŸ™‚

We went to the Bristol Ballon Fiesta, another great photography opportunity šŸ™‚

 We also had a group trip to Centre Parcs, which was really fun! Climbing trees although hating heights and playing crazy golf (which I’m terrible at!) as well as lots of other things there!

Aside from the stuff above, I got up to several photography projects and random days out šŸ™‚ It seemed to be a pretty productive year, and a fun one too!

One can only hope it passes through to next year!


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