No more January blues?!

So I’m sitting here on my train home from Aldershot (on my way back from mum’s), I’m just about to get back into my book – which is currently Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! – when I realise what the day is.

It’s February 1st by the way! And seeing as January is over, I’m officially putting a stop to the blues

For no reason at all January seemed to be a month of blues, with nothing to be down about, everything seemed to have a blue tint this month. I can blame the weather which seems to work half the time or I can blame January being the month that I get all the decorations taken away from me and that I never have money after Crimbo! Either way, it can’t carry on through to February, seeing as there’s actually things to look forward too this month 🙂

To start off my month I will finish my book – I love a Harry Potter book! – and then move onto Fantastic Beasts to continue the magical theme throughout February. Hopefully I’ll get up to much more too!

Happy February 1st


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