February, Februar, Février


SO, were pretty new into February too, so I thought I would write about my months TODO’s.

January itself went pretty well, I mean, I’ve already said that it was a pretty blue month, but I still managed to get a lot done, such as;
* Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – I will always love a Harry Potter book, but I was really surprised as to how much I enjoyed it. Follow ons don’t always work. But I will definitely be nagging Stan to take me to see it now!
* Exhibiton – Wildlife Photography Exhibition. You can see more on what I thought about that here (LINK)
* Self Portraits – I’ve got a ton more ideas for these so I’m slowly working my way through.
* Painting – I recently continued a canvas that I started way before Christmas last year, so I’m hoping to finish that soon!

February TODO’s :
So this month I’ve got just as many things that I want to do;
* Fantastic Beasts – I got the book just after Christmas, and I’m definitely on a Harry Potter and magical theme high, so this has got to be my next book!
* Exhbition/ museum trip – I’ve still got to get to grips with Bristol, so any museum or art trip is needed.
* Painting – Hopefully I’ll finish my canvas this month! Or even start a new one.
Eat a little healthier – I’ve been missing out on a few meals because of shifts at work, so I bought a Breville Smoothie maker to help when I’ve gotta have breakfast/ lunch on the go! Will also be posting my favourite smoothie recipies as I find them!



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